The Epic Fabric Trip

For two Christmases now, I've asked for fabric money to spend at Thread Bear Fabrics at their end-of-year sale. Between my gift money and the great sale prices, I come home with more than I typically would find reasonable. Hence, this! Oh. Heavenly Fabric. Several of these are for projects in the 2018 lineup. I feel justified. Perfectly justified, right? Eight yards of each of these happened (and if Anna ever re-releases the teal, I'm getting the whole bolt and eating ramen for six months): [caption id="attachment_730" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Social Climber by Anna Maria Horner in Ice and Perfume[/caption] And five yards of each of these. DE-LISH. Hello, Backings!  [caption id="attachment_731" align="aligncenter" width="640"] The pink: Hot Couturier by Robert Kaufman. The blue:...Read More

Polka Dots and Geese with Hats

Welcome to another installment of Full Fabric Friday! ... where I chat a bit about a fabric line, a shop, or offer some other such fabric musings. Mr. District is originally from South Bend, Indiana, and we go up to visit with his Mom and extended family for the holidays about once a year. When we're up there, I like to stop into Erica's Craft and Sewing Center. Funny enough, I found their online shop when I was on the hunt for a particular fabric a few years ago, and I ordered from them before I noticed they were in South Bend! Small world. And now, some geese with hats! And shawls! Gah! [caption id="attachment_689" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Toy...Read More

Modern Marks Blog Hop – (& Giveaway!)

Welcome to the first edition of Full Fabric Friday here at The District -- today it's also the Modern Marks Blog Hop, featuring Christa Watson's new line Modern Marks for Benartex! The Project - Churned Up with Modern Marks When Christa offered me the opportunity to work with her debut line full of vibrant, saturated color and groovy prints, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. Immediately. I had been playing around with the concept of a deconstructed, tossed-up churn dash block for a few months, but hadn't quite settled on a design. Modern Marks came along and it just clicked -- Churned Up came together and all those bits fell into place. I love how it turned out...Read More