Napkins to Wipe Your Mouth With

We like to use mostly cloth napkins around our house. Not because we’re posh (Duchess Meghan hasn’t returned my call), but because we like the reduce and reuse economical and ecological factors.

You could probably have a set of these ready for your dinner party tonight.

Here’s how…

  1. Cut some fabric into squares. I used my 12-1/2″ square ruler. Go bigger if you want! 15-20″ square would be nice, too!
  2. For pressing your seam allowances, mark a 3/8″ line on one side and a 1/2″ line on the other side of a piece of cardstock (or a file folder–just something thin, non-flammable, and non-melty). If you don’t need this to fold and press your seams, by all means skip it. I won’t tell.
  3. Now, on two opposing sides of each napkin, press once up to the 3/8″ mark, then fold over and press up to the 1/2″ mark. The raw edge should be inside the fold. Don’t do all four sides yet. Only do these two opposing sides.
  4. Topstitch these two sides of each napkin. Get close to the lip of the fold with your stitches (you don’t want a sloppy, flappy flange sort of thing happening). Don’t worry about backstitching at the end or beginning.
  5. Once those two sides are sewn down, repeat the folding and pressing (3/8″ then 1/2″) on the other two sides of each napkin. DO backstitch at the beginning and end of these.

If you pre-washed your fabric, you can use these straight away! If you didn’t, be sure to wash them before you use them to get the chemicals out.

I guess I need to get on and make the ones for my Mom that I promised her about two years ago….

And, yes, I know I ended that title with a preposition. Sometimes rules need to be broken. 😉


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5 thoughts on “Napkins to Wipe Your Mouth With

  1. These are very nice, and I hear that men with facial hair much prefer cloth napkins to paper. But as to being ecologically friendly, not so much. Laundering uses a lot of hot water (=planetary resources, both the water and the fuel to heat it, not to mention the fuel to power the washer and dryer machines), and the soap drains into our water supply. So I think it’s a tossup as to whether paper which disintegrates in the recycling/organic waste pickup or the cloth napkins are more planet friendly.
    Just sayin’.

    1. Hi Kate! I’m embarrassed I just now saw your comment. My apologies for the late reply. I’ve had good experiences with 100% quilting cotton fabrics for these. And the ones I’ve made using JoAnn fabrics have lasted just fine, if you’re looking for budget friendly.

I always appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!