Movin’ On Up…

Today I start painting the room that will soon be my sewing studio (doesn’t that sound fancy?).

This was my eldest stepdaughter’s room until she went to college, then it was my stepson’s room until he went to college four years later. Now, it’s going to be MY room. HA!

Here’s a portion of what my “studio” is like now. It’s my kitchen table. The cutting table is the kitchen island (not shown). My fabric is stowed away in cabinets, dressers, and under a bed in another room.

Kitchen "Sewing Studio"
Kitchen “Sewing Studio”

I am soooo looking forward to my kitchen being neat and tidy again without all the sewing cluttering it up. And when we have guests, I will no longer have to put everything (except the design wall) away and get it all back out again. That really puts a hitch in my sewjo when I have to do that.

And here’s the room I’m moving into! Upstairs. Away from the kitchen and common areas of the house.

Primer goes on today and I’m auditioning paint colors, but will go with a taupe-y gray that doesn’t compete with the fabrics I’m working with on projects. I want the color in the room to come from fabric.

Studio Before
Studio Before

I’ll be moving some things in before there is proper flooring, because our friends from England are visiting in a couple of weeks and we need the kitchen dining table, but I still need to be able to sew. Baby steps, y’all. Sometimes life is a series of baby steps. As long as it’s onward and upward, that’s fine by me.

~~ Tara

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5 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up…

  1. It’s fun having your own room, isn’t it? I painted mine lavender and added a tiny chandelier. I’m the only one short enough to walk under it.

  2. Hi Tara,
    I think you have put in your time in non-studio areas. You deserve this! I cannot wait to see how it turns out. It looks like a great size space and those windows look fab. Ooh, you will have so much fun setting this up! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you so much, Rosanne! I agree! I’ve come to the place in life where I’m willing to openly claim my just deserts. I can’t wait to sew in here! ?

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