The 2018 Plan

I’m not one for New Years’ resolutions, but I do like a good plan. Even if it usually gets all tossed about and headed in unexpected directions when all is said and done. 2017 is wrapping up on a note I couldn’t have expected, and I hear the best way to get God to laugh is to have a plan…. So, with that, I join Yvonne (aka Quilting Jet Girl) for the #2018PlanningParty!

2018 Planning Party

Here’s my high-level list—with the caveat that it’s only a starting point. A launchpad for rockets or slow boats. Life has a funny way of making up its own mind about how it wants to go. I will work diligently toward these goals, but I promise to be willing and able to adjust my sails to meet the challenge when the situation requires it.


  1. Move into the sewing room.
    > Now that my step kids are grown and out, I need to get my sewing “studio” out of the kitchen! This involves tearing out old carpet, prepping and painting walls and trim, and spending time setting up.
  2. Learn to meditate.
    > I really need to practice this. I’m fairly terrible at it, but I’m certain that is because I lack the practice.
  3. Work out twice a week instead of once.
  4. Blog. Do it regularly-ish.
    > The only rule I’m putting around this is to make it more of a habit and at least 3 times a month. I won’t say every week, because I’m not keen to force it. I want to do it when it needs to be done. Maybe that’s 3 times a week sometimes. We’ll see.
  5. Be one of the 2018 52Quilters. (*waves across the pond to Chris*)
  6. Projects (here is where things get pretty unreasonable spectacularly nuts):
    > Publish 1 pattern in a magazine. (I know the pattern and I know the mag I want it in.)
    > Complete and deliver the Liberty quilt. This is a commission that I can’t share with you yet.
    > 1-3 gift quilts. Recipients already chosen. Bonus: these can also be new patterns!
    > 1-2 other commissions. One is already promised. The other has only been a passing discussion so far.
    > Get permission from the owner of a particular antique quilt to publish the pattern I have begun for a replica of that quilt. Publish that pattern. Oh, I hope, I hope! This one is SO delicious.

Through it all, I want to remember this:


I invite and welcome you, 2018. Let’s see what you and I can make of things, shall we?


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14 thoughts on “The 2018 Plan

  1. Your list isn’t nuts at all, it’s wonderful! ? It’s great that you’ve already got a bit of a game plan to accomplish each of these as well. Good luck with this list in 2018!

    1. Yeah, life happens! We have to rise up to meet it. A bit tiring at times, but worth the effort, I say.
      The tea brand is Yogi. They have some terrific quotes (and tasty tea!).

    1. Number 3 is a toughy. I always have 504 things I’d rather be doing, and I was never the athletic sort. I find remembering the long-term health effects motivating. I don’t want to suffer in 20 years because I didn’t do the work today. Also, scheduling it. I’ve been going at 11:30 on Wednesdays. I’m going to try adding 9:00 Saturdays. If I treat it like an appointment, I feel obligated. I wish us both luck!

  2. I definitely appreciate that you are willing to adjust your sails as necessary throughout the year. 2017 certainly was a bit more tricky to navigate than I would have liked and being a bit flexible was a big key to maintaining sanity. I hope that you have a wonderful 2018 and that by stating your goals and intentions for the year you find you can accomplish these and more.

  3. Tara, that is a good plan. I too like to put things down just as a starter. It makes me feel like I’ll be more productive, doesn’t always work that way, but it is always a place to start.

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