The Quilt Royals and Me

I don't really know how to introduce this because it's just so insane. So I'm just going to spit it out: Last month, I had lunch with and spent the afternoon in a back room of a museum studying early 19th century quilts with Barbara Brackman and Merikay Waldvogel. Just the three of us. Here's proof: Yes. That Barbara and that Merikay. Their current joint research project is chintz panel quilts, of which there are several fabulous examples at the Atlanta History Center Museum. What an honor it was to be any part of that with them. You can read about the Atlanta History Center chintz quilts in a series of posts Barbara's doing on her Material Culture blog, starting with...Read More

I Just Wanna Quilt

I’ve been interviewed! What? That’s crazy talk. I had such a great time chatting with Elizabeth Townsend Gard of Just Wanna Quilt recently, and the podcast episode is live today! You can listen directly at, or head over to your favorite podcast platform (iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker). You’ll want to make this channel one of your favorites… she interviews some big names and interesting quilty people. I’ll be chatting with her again in another week or so, because we ran out of time and had loads to talk about! Come join the Just Wanna Quilt Quilting Army on Facebook! Are you headed to QuiltCon in Nashville next February? Catch one of Elizabeth’s lectures and check out her workshop!...Read More

Comin’ Around the Bend

I had been quilting a year before I saw in person what other quilters were making. I didn't grow up around quilters. I didn't belong to a guild. I hadn't had any in-person classes. I learned the art of quilt making through watching YouTube. Relentlessly. One video led to another led to another. I'd watch them all, regardless of whether they were traditional or modern, art quilts or lap quilts, improv or well-planned. English or Spanish or Portuguese. (My Spanish is very limited and my Portuguese relies on any similarities I can find in my Spanish, but a flying goose is a flying goose, folks.) Then I heard about QuiltCon. (cue: the song of angels) I cobbled together...Read More