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Freckled Turtle Party

So far, even though some things in my 2018 plan are underway, 2018 has been teaching me a lesson in slowwwing dowwwn — while adding things to my life (like this blog!). I’m definitely not 25 with the energy of three people anymore!

Because a lot of what I’ve been up to the past month has been behind the scenes or related to my “day job,” I’m super happy to be able to show you some of the things others have made with my Churned Up pattern, and to give you links to check out what else these three ladies are doing! If there’s one thing social media does right, it’s connecting quilters near and far! If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you may have seen these.

Meet Velda of Freckled Fox Quiltery

(Formerly known as Granny Can Quilt) I enjoy her wit & sass. I feel like I’m chatting with her over our machines at a quilt retreat when I read her blog. You can also find her on Instagram as @freckledfoxquiltery. She went scrap-o-licious with these Churned Up quillows:

Scrappy Quillows by Velda at Freckled Fox Quiltery
Scrappy Churned Up Quillows by Velda at Freckled Fox Quiltery

Meet Stephanie over at Quilt ‘n Party

Stephanie made the full version of Churned Up with a lovely, soft 30s print. Check out her blog for some great mini quilt and block tutorials! You can also catch her over on Instagram as @quiltnparty. (Tip: Check out her Gypsy Wife! *swoon*)

Churned Up 30s Style by Stephanie at Quilt 'n Party
Churned Up 30s Style by Stephanie at Quilt ‘n Party

Meet Joanne (aka Turtle Quilter Jo)

The above link goes to Joanne’s Instagram page, and you can also catch her over on her Quilts by Joanne blog. Joanne is one of the angels among us. She quilts a lot for charity, and I couldn’t be happier that her groovy dark and bright Churned Up (which she made lap size!) is going to a worthy cause. Her version keeps making me want to say, “far out, man!”

Joanne's "far out" Churned Up, Lap Size
Joanne’s “far out” Churned Up, Lap Size

A huge THANK YOU to each of these women for volunteering to make the pattern and write up such lovely reviews. I’m thrilled and humbled that they each enjoyed it so much and made these beautiful things that will go out and live in the world. That’s a new experience for me, and I like it! A lot!