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If you already follow me here on the blog, you’re probably thinking I fell asleep while binding and was smothered by a quilt. I mean, it has been over a month since I’ve posted. And we know how dangerous quilting can be. Gangsta dangerous.

Most of what I post is still over on Instagram, but here I am this week with a virtual army of quilt bloggers for the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop hosted by Jen @ Dizzy Quilter, Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts, Sandra @ mmm!quilts, and Tish @ Tish’s Adventures in Wonderland.

These organized blog wonder women sorted us blog newbies into hives, and (don’t be jealous, y’all) the one I’m in (led by Jen) has the coolest name: Quilt, Blog, Repeat. Nailed it. Our own lovely Becca @ Pretty Piney made our killer graphic.

The Quilt, Blog, Repeat Weeks 1 and 2 were a big hit with Jan @ Cocoa Quilts, Michelle @ Creative Blonde, Nicole @ Handwrought Quilts, and Becca @ Pretty Piney

Roseanne @ Home Sewn by Us and I are heading up Week 3 for this hive, but you’ll also want to check out the other hives in the lineup (and next week, be sure to visit Karen @ The Quilt Rambler and Sarah @ 9658 Textiles). There is a TON of quiltiness happenin’ on this hop! Don’t forget to enter the star-studded giveaway on the hosts’ blogs!! Woot! Free swag!

A bit about Tara at The Quilt District…

I learned how to quilt in early 2014 on YouTube. My husband and I began to call it my Quilt Porn. I watched everything I could get my hands on. I’d watch even the clips or full shows that I thought, on first glance, I might not like or need—maybe I’d already seen a pineapple block made or this clip was from the 80s and it might be tired. I still watched. Thank God I did! I learned something each time that made me a better quilter. Every. Single. Time.

You can see a few examples of my work here on my Gallery page.

Fast forward 4 years and I’m designing quilt patterns and diving deep into the history of quilts. I still have my day job, but someday… someday I’ll be full time at this quilty thing. I promise. Until that day, I’ll just be hella tired.

You can find the link to my first pattern, Churned Up, over on my Patterns tab. My next pattern, Prescott Road, is in the works with a release targeted for this summer. Snippets of Prescott Road are on my Instagram feed. Two other patterns are brewing for release soon after that. If you’d like to stay plugged into what’s happening at The Quilt District, pop to the right-side of this page and enter your email address. I’ll never spam you; you’ll just get notified when I post.

I hope I’ll see you around here (or on Instagram) sometimes. In the meantime… I have a question for you. Would you answer it in the comments below before popping out to visit the other bloggers and enter the giveaway?

How did YOU start on your quilting journey?

All My Quilty Love,
~ Tara


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118 thoughts on “2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

  1. I started quilting when my mom and I took a quilting class together. She taught me how to sew clothes when I was young but we never ventured into quilting till way later in life. I find quilting very fulfilling and fun.

    1. A dear friend of mine also shares her love of quilting with her mother. It offers them so much in the way of bonding together.

  2. I started quilting about 30 years ago when I wanted to make quilts for my children.

    1. They say baby quilts are the gateway drug of quilting… 🙂 I wonder: do you (or they) still have those early quilts?

  3. I have always loved quilts and have been a piecer for years; however, I became frustrated with the fact that I didn’t know how to quilt them and I couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do it. So I gave up on it. That was back in the 90’s. Fast forward to 2016 and a friend of mine who inspired me to get a new machine also taught me how to FMQ on it and that’s pretty much when my serious journey began. I started a blog right about that time too just too keep a journal of my journey. I’m sure having fun meeting kindred spirits like you!

  4. I started quilting a few years ago when our main group quilter left our group, World of Charity Stitching. We use themed cross stitched pieces and make lap quilts for charity.

    1. So, you carried the torch, so to speak. I looked up your group, and am touched how you incorporate lovely cross stitch into care kits and cards. No telling how many hearts you cheer up with those every day. Beautiful.

  5. My late sister-in-law was my inspiration to begin my quilting adventure. She made such beautiful quilts and told me about Georgia Bonesteel’s PBS series on Lap Quilting. So, each week I would put my sewing machine on my kitchen table and sew along with Georgia. I ordered her booklet with the patterns and would be ready to go every Saturday afternoon.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Georgia! I found her videos on YouTube and will enjoy them very much!

  6. *snort* My quilting friends and I have also referred to quilt porn….. and fabric porn (the unadulterated admiring and petting of new fabric acquisitions). How wonderful that you are already heavily into patterns and design after so few years.

  7. My Journey started when I purchased a new sewing machine. That was when I began thinking about it. I actually started after talking with my mother-in-law who was a quilter. With her encouragement, I made my first pieced pillow for my son. Unfortunately, she passed away not long after that. I inherited all her quilting tools and stash. Among the stash were several pieced blocks. I made my first quilt from those blocks. My family loved it knowing it was made by both her and me.

    1. It’s wonderful you could share that with her before she was gone… and carry on her legacy after. I hope you’ve labeled that quilt with the story behind it!

  8. Hi Tara
    My journey started when I found out I was going to be a grandmother and I dove in much like you. YouTube quilt porn! Lol
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I started quilting after watching Simply Quilts. It came on after my son’s shows on PBS, and I was hooked very quickly. That was in 2000, and the only online quilting info I could find was on a group chat board. I’m so happy to be a quilter now, with all of the resources available to us.

    Your giant dahlia quilt is great. Did you keep the template set? I still have mine, and I keep thinking I want to make another, but I suspect that beast is a “one and done” project.

    1. I DID keep it! Like you, I keep thinking I might make another, but I strongly suspect that isn’t going to happen. Too many other quilts on my list to make!

  10. I had an interest in them, and when I was laid off one time, I decided to take the plunge and made my “OJ” quilt.

  11. Thank goodness for Google and YouTube!! Hubby and I remodeled our kitchen and learned {almost} everything we needed to know to do it by watching video’s and googling. 🙂 I use YouTube now to watching free motion quilting video’s – it’s my therapy!

    1. The Google is your friend! I wonder how the heck I made it through college before The Google. LOL Have you watched Forever Quilting with Dorie (on YouTube)? She’s really good!

  12. Nice to get to know another who I seem to have seen more on IG than QBL! When I was full-time teaching, I usually didn’t sew at all for the 10 months and then sewed like a fiend all summer, ha, so I totally empathize with your ‘hella tired’. My eldest daughter got me into quilting by making me enter a quilt block contest when I was actually in the store to buy Battenburg lace for her and her sister’s dresses…

    1. Whoa! Now there’s a switch up! From Battenburg lace dresses to quilts! My hat is off to you and all teachers. It’s a special kind of person who can do that gig!

  13. I checked out your gallery. Your quilts are beautiful. I can’t believe you have been quilting for such a short time.

  14. I’ve quilted on an off (more off until 20 years ago) since grade school. When by sister was getting married 23 years ago, my older sister and I decided to make a sampler quilt for her and I haven’t stopped since. It actually kept me sane the last 10 years of my work life and it’s been a wonderful part of my life since.

    1. I can relate to it keeping me sane the last however many years of my work life. I’m able to better tolerate the day job because I have my quilting outlet!

  15. I’m thinking we missed an opportunity by not naming our hive the “Gangsta Quiltas.” You know it’s hard out here for a quilt. (Sadly, I couldn’t think of anything quilt-adjacent that rhymes with “pimp.”)

    I started quilting because I loved what my mother was doing with quilts. It’s definitely what bonds us these days. I continued quilting because I love petting fabrics and putting pieces together like a puzzle and most of all, I love the community (online and off). I’ll always quilt because at this point, I’ll never run out of fabric.

    1. I have faith in something big happening with that name in the not-too-distant future. hmmmm…

  16. Hi Tara! I started my quilting journey with my grandmother MANY years ago, but have really enjoyed it more the past few years since I retired. And I STILL head for You Tube when I need to remember a technique!!

    1. It is terrific for refreshing on a technique! Or even just seeing that there’s more than one way to do something!

  17. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for sharing! I had to LOL, r.e. “quilt porn”. You have a funny husband. :o)

    I got started quilting as a natural extension of sewing. I’ve done sewing since I was just a little girl, and started quilting when I was just out of high school. I wanted a quilt for my bed at college, but couldn’t afford to buy one. I haven’t stopped since then! I also design quilt patterns, with my sister Susan. It’s such fun, and we’re full of ideas for the next design, and the one after that.

    Enjoyed “meeting” you!

    Happy quilting,

    1. I just popped over to your site and saw your ballerinas and the zoo! OMGosh! SOOO adorable!!!

  18. Hi Tara! I appreciate that your links open on a fresh tab! Doesn’t always happen, and it’s annoying to have to go back again. I love your Blooming 9 patch, nouveau rich quilt and star quilt! I started quilting after college grad and before I started my then job. Needed something to do!

    1. Right?!?! I’ve taken to right-clicking and selecting “open in new tab” on most sites because so many of them will open in the same window and I lose my place! ARGH! Thank you for the kind words, too. 🙂

  19. Nice to meet you Tara! I started quilting when I was a teenager taking a home ec class. I couldn’t bear to throw away the beautiful scraps from the clothing I was making for that class, so I started sewing them together into a scrap quilt, and I got hooked on the process.

    1. What you’re saying is it was in your DNA! You HAD to make one out of those scraps. I love it!!

  20. I began way too late to actually finish all the patterns I have, and everything else I really want to learn and do.But will carry on regardless. Porn indeed, what a word to use, very descriptive of what we all practise.

    1. I hear you. I’m 45 now and so wish I’d found quilting earlier! Of course, all that led me here, but still… so many quilts, so not enough time!

  21. I started on my sewing journey by sewing my barbie cloths buy hand..Then a few table toppers by hand..first pay check I bought a sewing machine.I have been sewing quilting in my spare time ever sence. ..Ups and downs but that’s life…. happyness04431@yahoo.com

    1. I’d like to someday make a quilt entirely by hand. It’s on my “bucket list.” It’ll probably be a while!

  22. Over 60 years ago my Grandmother taught me on her treadle sewing machine. Life is wonderful.

  23. I started my quilting journey because I wanted to make a quilt for myself, but did not know that I am going to be sucked into this other universe! lol!

    1. Maybe we should call it the Quilt Vortex?! I enjoyed reading your post about coming from the coastal town in Kenya. I had no idea there were such places there. The world is so much more vast than our own little patch of grass, and it’s good to be reminded of that!

  24. I loved reading your story! I cracked up reading the part about “Quilt Porn” … but ain’t it the truth! I discovered quilting by accident, while browsing for classes on Craftsy, but soon I was sucked into the quilting world and I’ve been addicted ever since!

    1. Yep! Who knew when we talked about porn and crack, we were discussing quilting!!! LOL

  25. Pleased to meet you Tara! I started quilting after I went into a fabric store and saw them all hanging round the walls and from the ceiling. I could do that I thought and it went from there although I started out using any old rubbish fabrics – everyone starts with seersucker right?

    1. Seersucker!?! How’d that work out? (Not gonna lie: now I kinda want to try it.)

  26. quilts just always appealed to me, I love to handmake almost everything. but the first one I ever made when my father had a quadruple bypass; surgery can make person more susceptible to feeling cold so I wanted to make him an extra warm quilt using a double layer of Warm & Natural batting. I find quilting to be addictive.

    1. How lucky are we that our quilts not only offer us creative voices and outlets, but can provide comfort to our loved ones, too!

  27. My quilting journey began with my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary! We three siblings (three girls and a boy) decided to make a family quilt for them–I headed it up with an appliqued Butterfly design that each person chose their own colors for and they or a family member completed it with their name embroidered on the block–this included children, in-laws and grandchildren and spouses.
    “Families are Forever” along with a dove were the center block and the border is blue. My parents have since both passed on and the quilt is passed around to one another for a year or two at a time.
    A family friend hand quilted it and it is a special quilt to all of us.

  28. grew up having mom sewing my clothes, never took an interest with it. when I was pregnant with my second child a co worker( also pregnant) and I took a class, 12 block sampler, weather and early arrival meant I didn’t finish it. never lost interest though, fast forward I have given more time to quilting and to learning thru you-tube and BLOGS. I am grateful to have found this outlet, i find so much inspiration.

    1. YES! Blogs, too, are fabulous resources! I have a few bookmarked for quick access!

  29. I saw a quilt, probably at a town fair… Went to the library, took out a few books. Went to the store, bought a few fabrics and some scissors, begged my older sister to teach me how/let me use her sewing machine…
    She made clothes, knew nothing of quilting, but taught me how to work the machine.
    I later used her sewing leftovers for quilts.

    1. Where there’s a will…. I think there’s something about determination in we quilters. I hear it as a theme. I like it!

  30. Nice to meet you! I was 16 when I made my first quilt that resulted in me getting jewelry, love letters, and a proposal of marriage, which I declined. I wrote about that story for the second post on my blog two years ago. I don’t have it anymore but sure wish I did. I guess you’ll just have to come by and read what happened to it for yourself. Your hive button is so cute and very fitting. When I first saw it I thought, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

  31. Hi Tara. My quilting journey started when I was 10 and my Gramma taught me to quilt by hand using the scraps from clothes. Once I grew up and work, raising a family and life took up all my time. I no like Niger quilted. Then I moved to a small community in northern BC and the ladies got me hooked on quilting again. They shared their knowledge and taught me machine piecing. Then along came arthritis and became too advanced to allow much cutting time. DH gifted me an AccuQuilt cutter so I was able to continue with my love of fondling fabric. Then a new machine compounded the addiction. Next up a new longarm frame and love few will be perfect!

    1. It’s wonderful there are tools now that allow people to continue quilting when they otherwise really couldn’t. Can you imagine the ladies of the past who had to give it up altogether? Or suffer badly because they had to continue making for their family. I’m thrilled that you can continue creating!!

  32. Tara, you have accomplished so much in a short time! I enjoyed your gallery and viewing your “Churned Up” pattern and look forward to seeing what’s next in the Quilt District.

  33. I made some bad choices, other life challenges presented, overwhelming guilt ensued, and needed a distraction. Decided to buy new bedroom furniture, shopped for a comforter and thought: These things will fall apart in one washing. Walked into the fabric store, found book, rotary cutter, mat, ruler, fabric…28 years later…still have that first quilt (although she has retired-wished I was! ).

    1. You’re industrious. I like that! It was a terrific distraction when I was coming out of a particularly rough patch in life for me, too.

  34. I started sewing as a child and loved trying most every kind of needlework. I took a quilt class back in the day when we used hand made template and cut with scissors. Now I love doing everything by machine using up to date rulers and that most fantastic invention– rotary cutters!!

    1. I traced card stock templates and cut them out with scissors for one quilt I made (the red and cream lantern-looking one in my Gallery). It took a LOT longer to do! Thank goodness we have rotary cutters for most of our work now!

  35. Hi Tara, I `m also a participant this week and am just checking in to see how you are doing….especially like your quilt Celtic Knot…well done.

    1. I love your story about the first daughter ratting you out to second and getting you to make her a quilt too. 🙂

  36. Quilting started about 18 years ago for me and I’m enjoying it more than ever

    1. I see you’re in the UK… Any recs on quilt shops around Shropshire? I’ll be in that area next month.

  37. I started sewing when I was 8. I made my first quilt when our oldest daughter was born in 1970. It had 114 four inch embroidered squares alternating with squares of another color. I used coloring books to get the pictures for the embroidery. I took my 1st quilt class in 1980. In 2013 I decided I was no longer going to make clothing for myself, and the grandchildren were getting too big for heirloom sewing, so now I am only making quilts.

  38. Hello Tara; I began quilting after my father stopped quilting. I helped him a tad bit here and there, but my true love of quilting came from watching quilting shows on the television like Nancy Zeiman and Alex Anderson. I then began spreading my wings to blogs with tutorials and pinterest, books and magazines and talking with anyone who had done any quilting. I still love to read blogs and waste far to much sewing time reading and watching tutorials! Thank you for sharing your post with us today! I enjoyed it.

    1. We had such a treasure in Nancy. I heard an interview with her not long ago where she talked about starting her company from scratch. Truly an inspiration. And… I saw Alex at Paducah a few weeks ago, but didn’t have anything clever to say, so I didn’t introduce myself. Kinda silly, but I was too nervous! 🙂

  39. Like you, I didn’t start quilting until my late 50’s!! Saw a Youtube video and got hooked! Never sewed in my life, no one in my family did either, so I have learned it all on my own. I love it and spend my down time reading and looking at new patterns! I have books galore and want to make sooo many quilts!! Gotta go quilt now!

    1. Easy, sister. I just turned 45 and already feel like I’m running out of time. LOL… Regarding quilting books and magazines… I dare not show you what’s in my bathroom reading pile. 😉

  40. I have always sewn things (pillows, bags, clothes, small ornaments), so trying quilting was just one more thing to try. I still dabble in all. I do enjoy the creativity in making a quilt without a pattern.

  41. I checked out your gallery – you have made quite a few large-size quilts since 2014! Plus, designing your own pattern!

    1. There were a few others that I didn’t care to put up there or just didn’t have good photos of yet. I’ve been a busy gal. 🙂

  42. my husband teases me too about my quilt porn and knitting porn. Who would know it could be so pleasurable? Lovely to meet you and read about your quilting.

    1. What’s especially funny is when I watch a video that says, “Welcome to strip club!” BAHAHA! Not THAT kind of strip club, silly!

  43. Hi Tara, My Mom is a garment sewist, but that didn’t appeal to me as much as quilts. You Tube has been my go reference for my learning as well.

  44. It was great to read more about your, Tara! I loved your Shropshire Star and Giant Dahlia quilts. I started out cross stitching and long story short, ended up quilting. Like you I have learned most of what I know from the internet. Thank goodness for quilt bloggers!

    1. Thank you, Tish! Those are two of my favorites, for sure. Thank goodness for quilt bloggers (and vloggers) for sure!

  45. I had always had a desire to quilt, but knew no one who did. In my early 40s, I finally decided to just take the plunge and teach myself. I am so very grateful for all the youtube quilters who so generously share their knowledge!!

    1. Ditto!! Now at 45, I feel like I’m racing to catch up on all those years I didn’t have quilting! There will never be enough time to Make All The Quilts! LOL

  46. Grew up with a gramma and mother who quilted so it gradually wore its way into my life too. I retired a few years ago and now I have more time to dedicate to it full time.

  47. I grew up around quilting, but I didn’t start quilting on my own until I was married with kids. I’ve enjoyed reading your post today, and your quilts are very cool!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I’ll bet you have some quilted family treasures with it around so much. How lovely!

  48. I started in my 50’s (maybe late 40’s) also didn’t grow up around sewing. I happened to live 2 blocks away from a quilt store and I was trying out different creative things to help me get through the misery of long dark winters.

    1. I glanced quickly at your blog and saw you still had snow in mid-April. Ouch! Glad you found quilting to keep you sane through those long months. I like to consider quilting an indoor sport, especially when you’re shut in half the year!

  49. Hi Tara,
    HAHA – I was wondering what happened to you! I thought maybe I really wasn’t following you . . . but I do see your IG posts so I knew you were alive and kicking. The binding didn’t get you . . . yet. What a great resource – there is EVERYTHING on Youtube, and I never thought about going through all the quilting ones. I have spent oodles of time watching FMQing ones, and some applique ones – there is lots of goodness to learn. I am enjoying watching your progress – it is amazing in only FOUR years! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I was just playing at Woman of Mystery. Ok, not really. I’ve just been stupid busy. So glad to have “met” you, Roseanne! Thanks for coming along on this ride with me. 🙂

  50. Thank you for sharing. I started quilting by needing something to do while out of town with my husband for his job early last year. Luckily a quilt store was nearby and I was hooked! I read everything I possibly could and still do. Each town we go to , I look for nearby quilt stores. Have a wonderful day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

    1. Once it grabs you, it doesn’t let go! I hope you also are having a wonderful day!

  51. YouTube is great for tutorials! I found my way to quilting because I wanted them! I was a young / poor person and wanted to make them! Then I had little time. Once I got older and had custody of a grand child, I needed an outlet for stress. Quilting is my bliss!

  52. I may have known you a bit longer than many folks and for sure I knew about your pattern writing skills a long time ago. I made some fabulous versions of your Churned Up pattern way back in January I think. I love the way you write and cannot wait for you to get famous, so I can say…Tara…yeah I’ve known her right from the beginning.

    1. Well, lady, I’ve seen what you’ve been up to lately, and it may turn out I’ll be saying that about you soon! I love love love your recent designs! xoxo

  53. My mom taught me to quilt and bought me my first machinewhen I was going through a rough patch in life. I gave my first finished quilt to her and still believe “when life hands you scraps, make a quilt”.

    1. Hello, dear friend of mine! As you know, I also came to quilting after a rough patch in life. I hear that is often how it happens. Quilts kinda saved me in that way.

    1. Isn’t it terrific that we can have community with quilters across the globe! I’ll be in Shropshire next month. Can you recommend any must-visit quilt shops in that area (or Wales, Liverpool, or Manchester)?

  54. Hi Tara,
    I started quilting in the last century … and the quilt fell apart 🙁 Over the years, in starts and stops, I learned to quilt … and the quilts now last! 🙂
    When I was working, I would quilt for at least 15 minutes a day … I find quilting is a great stress reliever!
    Happy Quilting!

    1. It can be quite meditative! Especially when you have all the pieces ready to chain piece and you can Pedal to the Metal, as Eleanor Burns says!

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