Talks & Shows

Quilting with the Fire of My Foremothers

Trunk Show & Lecture (1 hour)

$150 if within 50 miles of Chamblee, GA
$175 + mileage (above 50) if between 51 and 100 miles of Chamblee, GA
$200 + mileage (above 50) + hotel accommodations if more than 100 miles from Chamblee, GA

This one-hour lecture and mini-trunk show examines and celebrates the quilting legacy we carry from our foremothers (whether your immediate foremothers were quilters or not). I’ll share my journey and my passion for the relationship between what’s old and what’s new how the old and new exist on a continuum rather than in a vacuum exclusive of one another. Throughout generations, quilt making provided women with platforms for their artistic and political voices, as well as their expressions of love and necessities of utility. We’ll talk about women’s lives, women’s voices, and we will rejoice in our legacies.


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